Código Nome Créditos
CEM-001 Materials Science 10
CEM-004 Thermodynamics of Solids 10
CEM-010 Physical Metallurgy 10
CEM-011 Metals Transformation Processes 10
CEM-012 Physics of Ceramics 10
CEM-013 Processing of Ceramic Materials 10
CEM-014 Physical Chemistry of Polymers 10
CEM-015 Processing of Polymeric Materials 10
CEM-106 Rheology of molten polymers 05
CEM-112 Electron Microscopy I 05
CEM-113 Electron Microscopy 2 05
CEM-125 Equilibrium and Reactions between Ceramic Phases 05
CEM-126 Vitreous State 05
CEM-133 Polymer blends 05
CEM-135 Fundamentals of Structural Refractory Ceramics 05
CEM-150 Industrial Technology in Materials Engineering 10
CEM-156 Professional of the Present and the Future 05
CEM-159 Mechanical Characterization of Metallic Materials 10
CEM-162 Impedance Spectroscopy (IS) and Electrochemistry of Solids: Fundamentals and Applications 05
CEM-166 Introduction to numerical simulation applied to Materials Engineering 05
CEM-168 Managing Technological Innovation 05
CEM-169 Nanotechnology: Principles, Advances and Applications in the Materials Development 05
CEM-170 Crystallography and Diffraction 05
CEM-171 Computational Thermodynamics 05
CEM-172 Concepts and Practices on Scientific Writing 05
CEM-173 Corrosion of Metallic Materials 05
CEM-174 Synchrotron Radiation Techniques for Materials Characterization 05
CEM-175 Recycling and Reuse of Polymeric Residues 05
CEM-176 Conducting Polymers 05
CEM-177 Circularity and Polymer Engineering 05
CEM-178 3D printing applied to tissue engineering 05
CEM-179 Electrochemical Methods for Characterizing Materials in Solution 05
CEM-180 Introduction to Additive Metal Manufacturing 02