Introduction to numerical simulation applied to Materials Engineering

Code: CEM 166

Credits: 05

Elective course


  • Demonstration of the finite element software;
  • A review about stress and strain states, constitutive relations, strength criteria (yield or failure criterion) applied for different material groups;
  • Introduction to the Finite Element Methods theory;
  • Presentation of Phenomenological models applied for advanced simulation of (thermal) mechanical behavior of ductile and brittle materials: linear elastic, elastoplastic and other models in a simulation of tensile test. Temperature-dependent elastoplastic model in a structural part. Other case studies: anisotropic models for composite materials, evaluation of stress intensity factor (SIF) and J-integral; Models using geometry and contact non-linearities; Demonstration of a metal forming problem;
  • Written and practical exams;
  • Definition, development and presentation of individual projects using computational simulation.


  1. Abaqus User's manual, v. 6