Processing of Polymeric Materials

Code: CEM 015

Credits: 10

Compulsory subject for the area of Polymers


  • Principles of polymer processing;
  • Introduction to molten polymer rheology;
  • Pressure flow in channels with different geometries;
  • Rheometry: capillary, rotational, oscillatory and extensional
  • Effects of melt elasticity on the processing of polymers;
  • Extrusion: general principles of single and twin screw extruders;
  • Modeling of solid conveying and melting in single screw extruders;
  • Operation of single screw extruders;
  • Polymer extrusion manufacturing process;
  • Injection molding: general principles of machines and the molding cycle;
  • Melt flow behavior in injection molds;
  • Morphological structuration of injection molded parts;
  • Defects in injection molded parts - troubleshooting;
  • Modelling and computer simulation of the injection molding process.


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