Circularity and Polymer Engineering

Code: CEM 177

Credits: 05

Elective subject


  • Sustainability and the limits of linear consumption
  • The circular economy: schools of thought, systemic innovation and public policies
  • Environmental Impacts: problems and metrics
  • Circular Economy: tools and indicators
  • Monomers and Polymers of Renewable Sources: renewable polymers; production and use of ethanol derivatives and terpenic derivatives; production and use of succinic acid derivatives; production and use of lactic acid derivatives; natural polymers; vegetable oil derivatives and functionalization
  • Clean Processes: capture and use of CO2; solvent-free processes and use of alternative energy sources; water-based resins; mechanochemical processes; enzymatic processes
  • Processing and Applications of Recycled and Renewable Polymers: polymer blends; polymer composites
  • Recycling Techniques: mechanical; chemical; and energy


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