The Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering at the Federal University of São Carlos (PPGCEM / UFSCar) is pioneer and one of the most recognized Master and Doctoral Programs in the field of materials in Brazil and abroad. It has a worldwide standard of excellence, having awarded the concept "grade 7" (maximum score) in all evaluations carried out by CAPES.

The PPGCEM Master and Doctoral courses cover four main areas: Ceramics, Metals, Polymers and Technological Development. A unique feature that has resulted in a rare synergy is the balanced way, in terms of volume and quality, in which all the classes of materials are investigated.

The faculties are highly qualified; all of them are full time dedicated PhD’s, with wide experience in teaching, supervision and development of scientific and technological research.

The students, graduated in the best courses in Brazil and abroad, almost half of them working in industries and companies, receive solid scientific and technological training to work in higher education and research, both academic as industrial.

The infrastructure of the PPGCEM is large and modern, with secretariat, classrooms, auditorium and several laboratories, which provide full support for conducting cutting-edge research.

The PPGCEM offers about 100 scholarships from CAPES and CNPq Funding Agencies for full-time dedicated students, and has cooperation agreements with world-renowned research institutions, allowing students mobility.

Throughout its 41 years of existence, PPGCEM has already trained 938 Masters and 461 Doctors, totaling 1399 degrees (data from December 2021).