Conducting Polymers

Code: CEM 176

Credits: 05

Elective subject


  • History
  • Structure and properties of conducting polymers
  • Band Theory
  • Insulating, conductive and semiconductor materials
  • Processes of doping and de-doping of conducting polymers
  • Chemical synthesis of conducting polymers
  • Electropolymerization methods - Electrochemical techniques
  • Copolymers, blends and composites
  • Characterization of polymeric films
  • Morphological analysis: atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy
  • Electrical properties: conductivity measurements, electrochemical techniques
  • Optical properties: UV-visible-NIR region and fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Applications: batteries, capacitors, electrochromic devices, solar cells, LEDs, sensors, etc.


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