Metals transformation processes

Code: CEM 011

Credits: 10

Compulsory subject for the area of Metallurgy


  • General outlook of processing of metals.
  • Definition of parameters and variables.
  • Crystallography and dislocations: generation of defects and definition of stacking-fault energy.
  • Hardening by plastic deformation: cold work, hot deformation, mechanical hardening of metals, grain boundaries, solid solution, second phases and deformation twin.
  • Softening mechanisms - during loading: dynamic recovery, dynamic recrystallization, precipitation. After loading: static recovery, static and metadynamic recrystallization. Critical temperatures related to the thermomechanical processing.
  • Texture formation in formed parts. Textures during cold forming. Anisotropy of mechanical properties. Rolling texture. Compression texture. Influence of annealing on texture.
  • Plastic formability. Effects of processing variables in formability of metals. Formability tests. Manufacturability tests.
  • Mathematical modelling of solidification: solute distribution for processes such as welding, powder metallurgy and foundry.
  • Zone melting: impurity removal in metals, solute accumulation in metallic parts. Solutions and impacting factors.
  • Mathematical analysis of solidification oriented for foundry and welding: calculation of theoretical thermal profiles, thermal gradients and cooling rates: Impacts on the microstructural formation.
  • Continuous casting: equipment, molds, cooling systems, sprays cooling region and free-radiation zone.
  • Laser surface remelting: macrostructures and epitaxy of grains. Effects of welding pool geometry, instability criterion for microstructure: cell and dendritic growth. Eutectic reaction during Laser processing of metals.


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