Professional of the Present and the Future

Code: CEM 156

Credits: 05

Elective subject


  • The market expectation for the 21st century engineer;
  • The selfish gene;
  • A broader view spectrum;
  • See the whole – the dangers of a one side story;
  • A new way of seeing – unplugging the logic to be able to innovate;
  • Deciding what you want as a professional;
  • People and working environment;
  • What is your mission?;
  • Use the imagination and make a difference;
  • Being hooked by the pleasure of doing what you like;
  • Challenging yourself!;
  • Being in tune with the personal, social and market changes;
  • Final work in a subject related to the content of the discipline.


  1. Alain de Botton, Desejo de Status, 2005, Editora Rocco.
  2. Luc Ferry, Aprender a viver, 2007, Editora Objetiva.
  3. Platão – A Republica – O mito da caverna.
  4. P.E. Drucker, O melhor de Peter Drucker – O homem, 2001, Nobel.
  5. P.E. Drucker, O melhor de Peter Drucker – A sociedade, 2001, Nobel.
  6. R. Dallo, Principles: Life and work, 2017, Simon & Schuster.
  7. C.M. Christhesen, The Clayton M. Christensen reader, 2016, Harvard Business Review Press.
  8. D. Pink, A revolução do lado direito do cérebro, 2005, Editora Campus.
  9. R. Dawkins, O gene egoísta, 2015 – reedição, Companhia das Letras.
  10. Texts, videos and selected movies.