Admission Process

The Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering (PPGCEM) offers masters and doctoral graduate courses, as well as post-doctoral positions. Graded with a maximum score by the Brazilian Research Foundation CAPES, the program has completed 40 years of success trajectory in 2019.

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Latest News
  • Student Reception Week The coordination of PPGCEM and the CAC are pleased to welcome the new students! To celebrate the beginning of the 2024-2 semester, we are organizing the Student Reception Week on August 12th and 13th. The event is open to the entire PPGCEM community, with various activities to integrate the new students and the participation of returning students. Check out the schedule and sign up here!
  • PPGCEM/DEMa-UFSCar stands out at the 68th Brazilian Congress of Ceramics with two first prizes among the presented works PhD students Murilo Henrique Moreira and Otávio Henrique Borges, both supervised by Prof. Dr. Victor Carlos Pandolfelli at PPGCEM, were awarded at the 68th Brazilian Congress of Ceramic (CBC), organized by the Brazilian Ceramic Association (ABC) and held, this year, in Santos, SP. Otávio received the award for best work in the graduate student category, whereas Murilo won first place for the best work presented at the 68th CBC.
  • Students and professor receive award at the 68th Brazilian Congress of Ceramics The paper “Evaluation of a residue from aluminum sulfate extraction as an alternative precursor for the production of geopolymers”, authored by Breno P. Bezerra (PhD student at PPGCEM), Gustavo A. Soares (Master's student at PPGCEM), Roseane M. Santos (PhD student at PPGCEM), and Prof. Ana Paula da Luz (DEMa/PPGCEM), was awarded the 3rd Best Paper presented at the 68th Brazilian Ceramic Congress.
  • PhD candidate from PPGCEM wins award in an International seminar PhD candidate Otávio Henrique Borges, supervised by Prof. Victor Carlos Pandolfelli, had his presentations at the "7th International Postgraduates Seminar on Refractories" recognized with the “Excellent Oral Presentation” award. The conference, which took place remotely, is organized by Wuhan University of Technology (China), Montennuniversitat Leoben (Austria) and Technische Universitaet Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany) in collaboration with recognized Professors in the field of refractory ceramic materials.