Concepts and Practices on Scientific Writing

Code: CEM 172

Creditis: 05

Elective subject


  • Why it is important to publish the results of a scientific or technological study?
  • Ethics on research and on scientific publications
  • The different steps involved from the planning of the investigation up to the effective publication of the study;
  • The specific characteristics of the technical or scientific text;
  • The scientific text and its different sections;
  • Several types of scientific and technical documents: how to write good projects, reports and articles;
  • Resources and tools for the revision of the literature and references management;
    The basics on patent applications writing;
  • Practical activities using the research results of the students.


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  2. Joshua Schimel. Writing Science: How to write papers that get cited and proposals that get funded, 2012, Oxford University Press.
  3. Michael Alley. The craft of scientific writing, 1998, Springer.