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The Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering (PPGCEM) offers masters and doctoral graduate courses, as well as post-doctoral positions. Graded with a maximum score by the Brazilian Research Foundation CAPES, the program has completed 40 years of success trajectory in 2019.

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Latest News
  • PPGCEM PhD students get research grants abroad The PhD student Guilherme Lisboa de Gouveia was awarded a BEPE-FAPESP grant and has been developing part of his doctorate since July 2022 in the research group of Prof. Nikhilesh Chawla at Purdue University, one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the United States. The PhD student Sarah Maria de Albuquerque Sousa was selected in a process for students from all over the country, carried out by Campus France with 18 months of funding for her doctorate at Aix Marseille University in the IM2NP laboratory, the fourth best university in France.
  • Cooperation between PPGCEM and Embrapa creates new multifunctional packaging from gelatin and nanocellulose PPGCEM’s researchers incorporated cellulose nanocrystals, modified with a pine-derived resin, into gelatin. The result was a stable and edible plastic with antimicrobial, antioxidant, biodegradable properties for food packaging. The technique used by the researchers allowed the use of aqueous solutions and shorter processing times, opening perspectives for production of the new multifunctional gelatin plastics on an industrial scale. The research is the result of scientific cooperation between PPGCEM, Embrapa, and University of Grenoble Alpes.
  • PhD students at PPGCEM won International Award PhD students Murilo Henrique Moreira and Otávio Henrique Borges both supervised by Prof. Dr. Victor Carlos Pandolfelli at PPGCEM were awarded second and third place for their works presented at the "2022 ECerS - FIRE Summer School" held in the city of Aachen – Germany and Ijmuiden - Netherlands.
  • Aperam South American Award - 6th edition of ABM WEEK The best studies presented in 2019 were awarded during the 6th edition of ABM WEEK. The award recognized the most outstanding contributions presented in seminars, symposia and the congress, according to the different fields of knowledge. The paper "Creep Strength of the Stainless Seteel 201LN at 700oC", authored by Gustavo Henrique Pelissari (PPGCEM graduate) e Prof. Vitor Luiz Sordi (DEMa/PPGCEM) was awarded the Aperam South American Award.