The PPGCEM/UFSCar mission is to train masters and doctors capable of proposing and facing with intellectual independence new challenges in materials science and engineering, contributing in a sustainable way to scientific, technological, economic and social development.

In order to map the efficiency of PPGCEM in the training of professionals with the above-described profile, annual surveys of the positions occupied by graduates of PPGCEM have been made. These surveys have been carried out by using various electronic means, mainly using data extracted from facebook, linkedin and webpages.

Over its 41 years, the PPGCEM has graduated 950 masters and 467 doctors, totaling 1417 titled students (data from June 2022). Of these 1417 titled students, 335 attended both master's and doctoral degrees in the program, resulting in 1082 graduates. The survey covered 1033 graduates (95%).

With regards to the workplace, the survey recorded that approximately 55% of graduates work in teaching and research while the others in the industrial sector. The balanced performance of PPGCEM graduates in academia and industry is due to the training of professionals with scientific, technological and innovation skills.

Graduates bu Workplace

In respect to the position, the survey registered that PPGCEM graduates occupy prominent positions in scientific and technological areas.

Graduates by Position

In view of the destination country, the survey registered that 938 graduates work in Brazil (91%) and 95 abroad (9%), highlighting both the national and international insertion of the program.

Graduates by Country

In short, PPGCEM graduates have assumed leadership and prominent positions in universities, research centers, companies and industries, both in Brazil and abroad, attending the objectives of the program.

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