Article featured on the cover of "The Journal of Chemical Physics" and in a article published in Revista FAPESP

The scientific periodic “The Journal of Chemical Physics” (AIP, American Institute of Physics) chose the article “Structure of crystalline and amorphous materials in the NASICON system Na1+xAlxGe2−x(PO4)3” – co-authored by Prof. Ana Candida Martins Rodrigues and two PPGCEM graduates, Jairo F. Ortiz-Mosquera and Adriana M. Nieto-Muñoz, for the cover of its volume 155. In addition to being chosen for the magazine's cover, the article was also named “Editor's Pick.” The paper was also highlighted in an article published in Revista FAPESP.

PPGCEM Doctoral student twice awarded at international conference

Pedro Henrique Fernandes Oliveira, Doctoral student at PPGCEM/UFSCar, was twice awarded in the SBPMat-2021 conference, held by the Brazilian Society for Materials Research, a partner of the Materials Research Society. The work received the Bernhard Gross awards, for best poster presented at the Characterization of organic and non-organic materials by x-ray source techniques symposium, and the Royal Society of Chemistry award, for best contributions from students throughout the event.

Outstanding participation of researchers from DEMa and PPGCEM at the 16th CBPol

Researchers from DEMa and PPGCEM had outstanding participation in the 16th Brazilian Polymer Conference (16th CBPOL), with presentations of scientific studies in the form of plenary lectures, keynote lecture, oral and poster presentations, as well as participation in the scientific committee, organization of symposia, award committee and session chair.

Master student creates Podcast on Materials Engineering

The podcast "A Material Point of View", created by Vinícius Aranda, a materials engineer and master's student supervised by Profs. Guilherme Zepon and Daniel Rodrigo Leiva, addresses basic and advanced aspects of materials engineering, with emphasis on metallurgy.

Article published as the cover of the journal Advanced Engineering Materials

The scientific journal “Advanced Engineering Materials" (Wiley) selected the study performed by the PPGCEM-UFSCar student Marcella Gautê Cavalcante Xavier, supervised by prof. José Eduardo Spinelli, “The Roles of Ni and Co in Dendritic Growth and Tensile Properties of Fe-Containing Al–Si–Cu–Zn Scraps under Slow and Fast Solidification Cooling” for the back cover of its March 2022 issue, Volume 24, Issue 3, 2270013.

E. Zanotto Symposium” on Glass - Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

As part of the UN International Year of Glass (IYOG) and to welcome Prof. Edgar D. Zanotto of CerTEV-DEMa/UFSCar, Brazil, as an “Excellence Chair” visitor, Prof. Stéphane Godet of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium, has organized a symposium on recent advances in glass science and technology. The symposium was attended by researchers from Belgium and France and was funded by the ULB and Asahi Glass Company (AGC) Europe.