LaMaV has four most downloaded and cited articles

Papers published by the group of Prof. Edgar Zanotto, head of LAMAV, are among the most downloaded and cited ones in important journals.

The article "Updated definition of glass-ceramics", from 2018, ranks as the most downloaded from JNCS among the 10 most accessed in 2020 among ~27 thousand articles. Among its authors is Professor Edgar Dutra Zanotto. The article also ranks second most cited in 2020.

Another featured article is "The glassy state of matter: Its definition and ultimate fate", by E.D. Zanotto and J.C. Mauro, from 2017. The text ranks as the second most downloaded since the periodical's creation in 1968.

The third featured article deals with a technological innovation, Biosilicate. Entitled "Biosilicate® - a multipurpose, highly bioactive glass-ceramic. In vitro, in vivo and clinical trials", the article has among the authors, in addition to Zanotto, other LaMaV professors: Camuri Crovace and Oscar Peitl.

Finally, the paper "Two Centuries of Glass Research: Historical Trends, Current Status, and Grand Challenges for the Future" authored by J. C. Mauro and E. D. Zanotto , 2014 is the 4th most downloaded ever of the International Journal of Applied Glass Science.

"This clipping illustrates well the scope of action of LaMaV, with teams and works ranging from basic, fundamental Science, to different